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Are your shoes worked out and worn out?

As a fitness professional and workout junkie I know how important it is to have a good pair of shoes. Having dealt with plantar fasciitis and not being able to walk or run very well I will always pay good money on shoes and keep them updated.

I wanted to share with you some guidelines to determine if your shoes are worn out: 1. If you're consistent with your running and suddenly start feeling sore. 2. If you can't remember when or where you bought those shoes. 3. Look at the midsole and check for compression wrinkles. If they're there, your shoes are worn out. How often should you buy new shoes? General Rule Based on 500 miles

You run or workout:


2 days/weekOnce/Year

3 days/weekEvery 8 months

4-5 days/weekEvery 6 months

6-7 days/weekevery 4 months

If you are heavier or heavy on your feet (there is a difference), take 2-3 months off your replacement time. For instance a heavy runner running twice a week should replace shoes every 9-10 months. One last tip: Shoe Rotation: Any runner running more than 3 days/week should have more than one running shoe and should rotate running in each shoe on a regular basis.

I hope this helps!

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