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August Athlete of the Month

Heather Loveley

In an effort to get to know the great athletes at Soul Fitness Studio, we showcase an Athlete of the Month to introduce someone who demonstrates a drive to better their fitness and life.  This athlete has shown determinination, growth, and the overall will to do their very best.  This month we have, Heather Lovley!




Why did you join Soul Fitness Studio?


I was tired of being tired.  I was overweight and had no energy!


What is your biggest accomplishment so far?


One of my proudest accomplishment is I can now do a complete SIT UP!  When I first started coming to Soul I did not have enough muscle or strength to push myself up...Now I do!!  I am also down 19LBS!


If you could pick one exercise NEVER to do again it would be: Burpees!



Give us some insight of your thoughts after your first Soul Fitness workout.  It was hard at first, but I knew I had to stick with it.



My 6 month goal is...Reach my goal weight and get a flatter stomach.

How do you feel now after a workout vs your first week of HIIT classes?  I feel amazing!  I have more energy.  I ALWAYS hated going to a gym for an hour.  I feel I get better results and a better workout at Soul in 30 minutes.

What would you say to anyone wanting to join Soul Fitness who is a bit scared to try?  Give it a try.  You will LOVE it!  The classes and Stacey are a lot of fun.  She gives you many options to do if you can't do the advanced steps.  As long as your moving that is all that matters!!  It's the BEST 30 minute workout out there!

What has been your best moment at Soul?  My best moment is being able to push myself harder everyday in class!




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