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A year ago I realized I needed to do something fast to keep from becoming obese, non motivated person.  I was tired and out of shape.  I was fortunate enough to find Stacey.  I asked her to work her magic.  She has transformed my body, mind, and soul into a much more fit person.  With her motivation and inspiration, I fought my way back to the body I wanted to have.  As she reminded me repeatedly, it's not about the number on the scale, but about being strong and fit.  Which can only be accomplished through dedication of working out regularly.  I have done this under her watchful and encouraging eye.  I feel better than I have in four years.  I have energy, strength, stamina and most importantly self-esteem.I could not have done this without Stacey and I would recommend her to anyone who needs that extra push to become the most fit you can be.  I have a little more to accomplish and plan to continue this journey with Stacey.  No one has kept me on track like she has!



“I have been training with Stacey for a few months.  I have seen results and have the proof by taking measurements.  I had lost 11 inches in a little over one month.  I am physically and emotionally stronger.  Stacey pushes me to that next level.  When I want to give up she is there to get me through it.  She knows me better than I know my workout self!  She makes our workouts challenging but FUN!


Before working with Stacey I held many disbeliefs about working out.  I believed that soley doing a million hours of cardio would get me the body I wanted.  I was wrong!  With her knowledge and experience she helped me learn the benefits of weight and interval training.  Since working out with her my body has finally started to change into something I am proud of.  I'm strong, lean, and tone.  She is the perfect combination of tough "Stacey I hate you right now you're killing me!" and warm "Ashley you can do it!  Don't give up."  She works with the whole person--mentally, emotionally, and physically.  She puts her soul into her workouts to help you achieve your individual goals.  I could not have gained confidence and self-worth I have today without her!


My weekly workouts with Stacey have not only challenged me and given me better muscle tone but she has also educated me on how to lead a healthy lifestyle!

-Stacy P.



During the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of participating with Stacey in multiple athletic events.  Stacey always trained to perfection and exceeded her goals.  I believe these personal experiences have enabled her to become an excellent fitness trainer and instructor.  She has the understanding and patience in guiding others in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.  While she may challenge her students to go beyond their comfort level the plan is always realistic and attainable.  I would encourage anyone wanting to improve their physical fitness to enroll in one of her programs.  They will be rewarded with results.

-Jack S.



As an ex competitive athlete and actor & professional speaker  I knew I needed to reshape my body  but I was stuck and did not want to look like the old thick fat exjocks.  Stacey was the only person who understood what I wanted to accomplish. She helped my overcome my fear of training differently than I have for 30 years and the results were well AMAZING I dropped body fat leaned out and have a new look. Lean & sleek. I auditioned for a movie and was in better shaped than the younger actors!

As a speaker I look more professional and have more energy. 

If your serious and are ready to reshape your body don't delay.

Dr. Will Horton Auhtor, speaker, actor

Author of Mind Control, & Primary Objective

Recently featured in Movie Family Ties


When I met Stacey I was at a plateau with my workouts and despite continuing to exercise, I was not getting the results I wanted.  Right away Stacey was able to recognize my limits and encourage me to push past them.  Within 2 weeks of working with Stacey, I could tell I was getting stronger.  Now, only 5 months later, I am feeling better about myself and the way I look than I ever have before.  I always look forward to my workouts with Stacey because she has made working out fun for me again!  Stacey motivates and inspires you to be your best and the results undoubtedly follow.

--Krystina Hadra



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