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What is Soul Support?


Soul Support is a monthly wellness and weight loss group.



What happens when I get there?


- Confidential weigh in


- 30 minute meetings


What do we talk about?


Anything you want.  We are here to listen to your concerns.  Whether you are at the beginning, middle, or maintenance stage of your journey.  This group is designed to inspire you to stay accountable in a safe, fun, and supporting environment.  


We will also cover topics such as how to stay motivated when you feel like giving up and how to think like a scientist when it comes to the scale.  We will take turns sharing recipes, doing activities, and exchange tips, books, and websites that inspire us to get on and stay on the healthier and fitter path.


Do I have to follow a specific diet to be a member of Soul Support?


No.  You can hang out with us no matter what food or exercise plan you follow.  Or even if you are thinking about making small changes towards your health.  


Do I have to be a client of Soul Fitness Studio to join Soul Support?


No.  You don't have to work out at Soul Fitness to join our group. But should you choose to we offer one on one workouts with Stacey and certified personal trainer or group fitness class?  We offer meal service and meal planning as well.  No matter how much you weigh or what your fitness level we have you covered.


When and where are the meetings?


Second Saturday of the month at 9:00 am at Soul Fitness Studio (Venice Island) 224 Ponce de Leon Ave. Venice, Fl 34285


What do I need to bring?  


There are only yoga mats at Soul Fitness.  We hold the meetings on the floor.  You are welcome to bring a folding chair to sit on as well.


How much does it cost?


$10.00 per meeting (first meeting FREE).  



How do I sign up for meetings?


Yes, signing up is mandatory.

Once you come into your first meeting you will be given a password (along with your email) and you will be able to sign in using the Mindbodyonline app.

Looking forward to seeing you at Soul!

Stacey Wade Owner and Trainer


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